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Digital Marketing Professional

My digital marketing consulting started back in the early days of the Web (the mid-1990s) and was focused on helping companies leverage the web as a new sales channel to support their existing sales efforts.  This quickly evolved in the early 2000’s with a migration to search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, and eventually social media marketing.  In addition, I also routinely help my clients to maximize their online exposure through Google Analytics consulting and also make sure that solid SEO-friendly web development principles can be added whenever possible.  The unifying focus has been and continues to be “More Traffic. Better Results.”

Organic Search Engine Optimization Consulting 85%
Social Media Marketing Planning & Implementation 80%
WordPress Web Development 70%


I routinely work to support an internal marketing team with a strong-history of proven digital marketing success.  While this is unique to each client the key is always to provide expert, responsive support that produces results.  Call me at 585-230-9565 to learn more.


As a proven digital marketer I also routinely work with marketing team members who are either just starting in digital marketing or perhaps just have a few years of experience.  This uniquely designed mentorship role provides a level of experienced support that is oftentimes hard to find in most corporate environments.  Call me at 585-230-9565 to learn more.


While many of my clients may want me to support their existing digital marketing team or help train a new team member about the most effective digital marketing strategies there are others who just want me to Getting It Done Digital Marketing is a consulting area I can help you with today.  Call me at 585-230-9565 to learn more.

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Digital Marketing

Leverage the latest digital marketing strategies that can be uniquely customized to help promote your brand reach its potential.

Digital Branding

Let me help you figure out what is being said about you online and how this can be influenced to better support your goals and objectives.

Social Media

I routinely help major brands and also emerging growth companies find and promote their social media voice for real business results.

Web Development

Since the mid-1990s I have been committed to business effective web development that can produce real business results for you and your company.
Sarasota, FL